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27 / 7 Vienna, Austria

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27 / 7. Vienna, Austria



Favourites The estabishment of the I.K.G.H.

Favourites The first edition of the IHS international standard

1986 Favourites ikghlogo IKGH Congress. The 3 first ammendments initiated
 1991  Favourites ikghlogo IKGH Congress in Ueckermünde Germany 2-4 August
1995 Favourites ikghlogo IKGH Congress in Bishofsmais Germany 2-5 November

Favourites Show in Havirow (CZ), Bielso Biala (PL), Vienna (A), Aarschot (B), Szczyrk (PL) 

 1997  Favourites Show in Vienna (A), Bielsko Biala (PL), Rychnov (CZ), B. Bystrica (SK), Szczyrk (PL)
1998 Favourites Show in Stockholm (S), Vienna (A), Aarschot (B), Bretnig (D), Szczyrk (PL), Blois (F), Prague (CZ) 

Favourites ikghlogo IKGH Congress in Sobesovice (CZ) 22-24 October

Favourites Show in Bielsko Biala (PL), Deil Geldermalsen (NL), Vienna (A), Siegburg (D), Havirov (CZ), Szczyrk (PL), Prague (CZ) 

 2000  Favourites Show in Berlin (D), Bielso Biala (PL), Vienna (A), Berlin Grunau (D), Banska Bystriska (SK), Szczyrk (PL), Prague (CZ) 
 2001  Favourites Show in Stockholm (S), Mulmshorn (D), Vienna (A), Blois (F), Bretnig (D), Szczyrk (PL), Prague (CZ) 
2002 Favourites Show in Coevordent (NL), Vienna (A), Norimberg (D), Ueckermünde (D), Ostrava (CZ), Szczyrk (CZ), Prague (CZ) 
 2003  Favourites Show in Bonn (D), Berlin (D), Bielsko Biala (PL), Vienna (A), Blois (F), Krakov (PL), Prague (CZ)

Favourites ikghlogo IKGH Congress in Rusava u Bystřice p. Hostýnem Czechoslovakia 29-31 October

Favourites Show in Bielsko Biala (PL), Usti nad Labem (CZ), Vienna (A), Krakov (PL), Prague (CZ)


Favourites Denmark Dansk Guppy Klub member of IKGH

Favourites Show in Ueckermünde (D), Neumarkt (D), Plzen (CZ), Ostrava (CZ), Krakov (PL), Stockholm (S), Banska Bystrica (SK)


Favourites Belgium GBE Belgium member of IKGH

Favourites England BLA England member of IKGH

Favourites Italy AIG Italy member of IKGH

Favourites Show in Bielsko Biala (PL), Berlin (D), Pontelagoscuro (I), Neumarkt (D), Mer (F), Krakov (PL) Otrava (CZ)


Favourites Germany GPH Germany member of IKGH

Favourites Slovakia KAS Slovakia member of IKGH

Favourites Show in Bielsko Biala (PL), Neumarkt (D), Pontelagoscuro (I), Vienna (A), Plzen (CZ), Wroclaw (PL), Ostrava (CZ)


Favourites Germany IGMX Germany member of IKGH

Favourites Poland MOL Poland member of IKGH

Favourites Pair shows introduced

Favourites Trio Show in Berlin (D), Neumarkt (D), Vienna (A), Plzen (CZ), Tilburg (B/NL), Wroclaw (PL)

Favourites Pair Show in Bielsko Biala (PL), Banska Bystrica (SK), Ostrava (CZ), Bratislava (SK)


Favourites ikghlogo IKGH Congress in Hasselt Belgium 6-8 November

Favourites Trio Show in Bielsko Biala (PL), Magdeburg (D), Vienna (A), Mer (F), Krakov (PL)

Favourites Pair Show in Mer (F), Stetin (PL), Nottingham (GB)


Favourites Denmark Dansk Guppy Klub reorganize as Danish Show Guppy 

Favourites Trio Show in Dresden (D), Vienna (A), Neumarkt (D), Mer (F), Plzen (CZ), Krakov (PL), Lanaken (B)

Favourites Pair Show in Stetin (PL), Mer (F), Nottingham (GB)


Favourites Italy GGC Italy member of IKGH

Favourites Turkey TGA Turkey member of IKGH

Favourites England GCGB England member of IKGH

Favourites Trio Show in Ferrara (I), (Aarhus (DK) non EC), Vienna (A), Krakov (PL), Lanaken (B), Dresden (D)

Favourites Pair Show in Ferrara (I), Dresden (D), Bielsko Biala (PL), Tours (F), Lanaken (B), Nottingham (GB) 


Favourites Trio Show in Bielso Biala (PL), Vienna (A), Eirbeck (D), Ueckermünde (D), Pont l' Eveque (F), Krakov (PL)

Favourites Pair Show in Dresden (D), Banska Bystrica (SK), Stetin (PL), Lanaken (B), Krakov (PL) (disq.), Kettering (GB), Leun (D) 


Favourites France EGS France member of IKGH 

Favourites Trio Show in Ranco (I), Vienna (A), Dresden (D), Fuerth (D), Bielsko Biala (PL), Pont l' Eveque (F)

Favourites Pair Show in Bielsko Biala (PL), Hasselt (B), Kettering (GB)


Favourites ikghlogo IKGH Congress in Bielsko Biala 

Favourites China CNGC China member of IKGH

Favourites Trio Show in Ranco (I), Bielsko Biala (PL), Vienna (A), Fondettes (F)

Favourites Pair Show in Hasselt (B), Zilina (SK), Dresden (D), Schwalmtal (D), Bielsko Biala (PL), Kettering (GB)


Favourites Trio Show in Bielsko-Biala (PL), Ranco (I), Vienna (A), Fürth (D), Pont l'Eveque (F)

Favourites Pair Show in Hasselt (B), (Ranco (I) non EC), Zilina (SK), Schiphort (D), Szczecin (PL), Plock (PL), Kettering (UK), Istanbul (T)

Favourites Establishment of a new website for IKGH


Favourites Hungary Guppy Club Bulgaria member of IKGH

Favourites Trio Show in Ranco (I), Vienna (A), Schiphorst (D), Szczecin (PL), Pont l'Eveque (F) - Berlin had to cancel

Favourites Pair Show in Bielsko-Biala (PL), Hasselt (B), (Ranco (I) non EC), Zilina (SK), Schiphorst (D), Etrechy (F), Dresden (D), Plock (PL), Kettering (UK)

Favourites World Guppy Contest in Vienna

Favourites Hungary Akvaristàk Magyarorszàgi Egyesülete (AME) Hungary join IKGH

Favourites TaiwanTGPA Taiwan member of IKGH

FavouritesChinaCGDC China member of IKGH

FavouritesChinaGPAA China member of IKGH

FavouritesItalyABG Italy member of IKGH (changes name to AIAG)

Favouritesikghlogo Stephen Elliott FGUK is new President of IKGH


Favourites Poland HWGC Poland member of IKGH

Favourites Trio Show in Cassano Magnago (I), Schiphorst (D)(non EC), Schwabach (D), Taastrup (DK), Szczecin (PL), Vienna (A), errara (I), Pont l'Eveque (F)

Favourites Pair Show in Jaworze (PL), Hasselt (B)(non EC), Zilina (SK), Etrechy (F)(non EC), Sofia (BG), Cassano Magnago (I)(non EC), Schiphost (D), Vienna (A), Plock (PL), Kettering (UK)

Favourites World Guppy Contest in Taipei Taiwan (pairshow)