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Dear Guppy Friends,

Last April 2021 the IKGH board organized a voting for the organisation of an online winter guppy championship OWGC.

12 clubs voted FOR and 3 clubs voted AGAINST this OWGC and therefore this online winter competition was approved (see the results of the voting here).

9 IKGH clubs also voted FOR and 1 club AGAINST the new regulation, to ensure that this OWGC competition would run correctly (see the results of the voting here).

You can find the new regulation here and under the tab "Download".

You can find the dates of the OWGC shows for the winter of 2021-2022 below.


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 Pair shows 2021

Date Club City Country Appl. Invitation Results
29 May GBE Diepenbeek Belgium INT


12 June CAGD Schiphorst Germany Germany EC  Cancelled     
10 July  GCB  ?  Bulgaria  Bulgaria  EC


7 August AME   ?  Hungary Hungaria   EC    
21 August  ÖGG Vienna   Austria  Austria  EC    
4 September  KPR Plock   Poland Poland   EC    
18 September FGUK   United Kingdom(Great Britain)   UK EC
   GCU  ua Ukraine   INT    
9 October  HWGC  Poland  Poland  EC    
23 October  TGA  Turkey  Turkey  EC    

 Current standings EC 2021 (provisional)  ->



 Trio shows 2021

Date Club City Country Appl. Invitation Results
29 May SZCZ ? Slovakia Slovakia EC       
26 Juni EGS Chambray-lès-Tours   France France EC Cancelled        
21 August ÖGG  Vienna  Austria Austria   EC    
2 October AFV   Pont l'Evêque France  France   EC    

 Current standings EC 2021 (provisional) ->



 OWGC shows winter 2021-2022

Date Club Category Country Appl. Invitation Results
13-14/11/2021 GKS Pair Online Competition  United Kingdom(Great Britain) UK OWGC       
11/12/2021 CNGC Pair Online Competition   China China OWGC      
15/01/2022 MOL  Pair Online Competition   Poland Poland   OWGC    

 Current standings OWGC 2021-2022 (provisional) ->